The «SP VIS-MOS» LLC is a leading Russian multi-field drilling company that provides services in construction of pipeline crossings of high complexity level using trenchless technologies, as well as drilling of directional, vertical, horizontal and multilateral wells for development of various natural resources.

We work on a turnkey basis!

Drilling of directional, vertical, horizontal and multilateral wells for developing of various natural resources.

  • The company "SP VIS-MOS" implements comprehensive approach for management of drilling projects of different types of wells on a turn-key basis:
    - project development,
    - engineering,
    - supply of equipment and components,
    - construction and drilling,
    - control and administration of projects.

  • Multi-functional directional drill rigs (MDD) owned by the "SP VIS-MOS" LLC provide to do predrilling in the range from 0 to 90 degrees, thereby covering the whole range of possible projects in the field of wells drilling of different purpose.

  • The "SP VIS-MOS" LLC provides services with complex approach in the field of pipeline crossings construction, doing engineering, preparatory, construction and installation works, construction of the linear part of pipeline on a turn-key basis, combining them with execution of drilling works at the project site with usage of the HDD method and press auger boring.

  • The "SP VIS-MOS" company successfully executes drilling of directional, vertical, horizontal and multilateral wells for extraction of hard-to-recover reserves of natural resources. The company has one of the world's largest rig fleets for directional drilling (HDD) among the companies of this profile.

  • Over the years of activity the company has completed more than 600 000 linear meters of pipeline crossings of different complexity level under natural and artificial obstacles.

  • The geography of drilling covers the entire territory of the Russian Federation (58 regions), as well as neighbouring countries and beyond.

  • Over the years of its work the “SP VIS-MOS” LLC has set several world and Russian records. Many of the constructed crossings have no analogues in the world.

  • The company is directly involved in realization of the largest Russian and international oil and gas construction projects.

Trenchless technology is a serious economic reserve of the oil and gas and communications industries.

  • Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) or as it is also called - directional drilling (DD) means controlled trenchless construction of service lines under different natural and artificial obstacles (rivers, dams, railway lines, roads, etc.).

  • Trenchless technologies of horizontal directional drilling and press auger boring have several financial, economic, technical and environmental advantages compared to traditional trench methods.