The management of the “SP VIS-MOS” LLC year after year raises requirements to the company’s management quality and development of its competitive advantages therefore the investments in equipment of the company are constant and tend to grow.

The managers of the enterprise aim at being always informed about the latest technical innovations in the sphere of horizontal directional drilling, study possibilities of new drilling machines and drilling tools, learn about all experimental and practical achievements in the field of drilling fluid selection for different geological conditions, study advanced experience of the leading world-wide drilling companies. The acquired equipment, new scientific approaches and gained knowledge find application on the building sites at once.

The equipment and experience level of the personnel of production plant of the LLC “SP VIS-MOS” allow the company to execute the functions of laboratory and testing area for development of the engineering and technical group of the enterprise.

Thanks to the tendency always to be informed about current technical trends the enterprise keeps long-term leadership in the drilling market, constantly expanding the scopes of the HDD application and guarantying to the Customers the crossings construction in accordance with all qualitative parameters of projects.