Effective. Safely. Eco-friendly

Quality assurance

In order to improve the quality of work, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of processes, the company has implemented and uses an integrated management system based on international ISO standards. For more than 20 years, we have been confirming compliance with high standards of work by voluntary certification.

We work for the maximum satisfaction of the needs of Customers, compliance with both requests and hidden expectations, which is the key to long-term mutually beneficial cooperation:

  • each process is assigned a responsible person who has sufficient competence, information support and is provided with the necessary resources;
  • we constantly develop, apply and update methods for analyzing activities, evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of all processes;
  • all processes are continuously improved on the way to the highest possible quality with respect for resources, the environment and the health of personnel

Certificates and licenses

Occupational safety and health protection

“Our approach to labor protection issues is based on the realization that human life and health is the highest value, and ensuring one’s own safety and the safety of others is the responsibility of each employee of the company”

General Director R.V. Yarosh

We follow the principle of responsibility to employees to create safe working conditions, implement a safety culture, and protect health. We improve approaches to the management of labor protection of works through:

  • the current risk management system aimed at identifying and completely eliminating the causes that can lead to pre-accident, emergency and other dangerous situations at production sites; 
  • using the best practices to ensure comfortable and safe working conditions, equipping workplaces according to modern technical standards;
  • regular medical monitoring of the health of personnel by doctors of the company's own medical and preventive division, periodic dispensary examinations, prevention of occupational diseases; 
  • training and motivating staff, from management to workers on construction sites, to implement improvements, providing honest feedback on health and safety issues.

We share the responsible approach of our customers to ensuring safety in the course of work and strictly comply with the Golden Rules of Occupational Safety.


Our priority is respect for the nature of our country and the planet as a whole.

The environmental principles of aiming for zero emissions and zero environmental impacts are implemented at all stages of our activities. Green building standards stimulate business, the development of innovative technologies, the economy, improve the quality of life in society and the state of the environment. They are a tool of a smart economy - they save money at all stages and contribute to integration into the global trend, being the key to foreign investment and recognition at the global level.

Our mission is to educate and motivate all personnel, from management to site workers, to maintain an environmental culture and a culture of safe production. The execution and management of environmentally significant types of work is carried out by specialists who have undergone special instruction and strict knowledge testing; the Ecology Service has been allocated in the structure of the company.

We are committed to reducing the potential environmental impact of our drilling and construction activities. Starting from the design stage, we evaluate all possible environmental risks and plan the work in such a way as to prevent or minimize them. 

To protect the soil, forests, groundwater and water bodies adjacent to the construction site, we must perform: 

  • removal and laying in the dumps of the fertile soil layer; 
  • embankment of the perimeter of well pads, reservoirs, barns and other storage facilities; 
  • shielding the soil with a geomembrane (impervious screen) and monitoring its integrity; 
  • revision of technological pipelines and valves; 
  • we apply the technology of regeneration and reuse of drilling fluids, as well as the use of biodegradable reagents and the processing of drill cuttings. 

Upon completion of the work, we carry out environmental protection measures, lay the fertile layer, recreate the landscape and ecology of the lands involved in the construction.