We annually invest in expanding and improving the technical component of the construction process, ensuring a constant qualitative increase in efficiency

We are the owner of the largest fleet of specialized equipment and our own production bases in the central and northern regions of the Russian Federation. Highly qualified personnel, specialized workshops, services and sites not only maintain the equipment in working order, but also promptly upgrade it to meet the Customer's non-standard tasks.

  • 500+
    pieces of equipment
  • 3.2+ billion ₽
    total cost of equipment
  • less than 7 years
    average age of machinery and equipment

Installations for the construction of crossings using the method of trenchless technologies

Pulling force up to 500 tons, drilling length up to 2500 m, pipe diameter 300-1400 mm

Designed for the construction of pipeline crossings through water barriers and artificial structures in a trenchless way

  • under navigable rivers, reservoirs, protected forests,
  • under roads, railways, runways, 
  • in heavy soils (rocks, boulders, floaters, etc.);
  • with a large difference in altitude;
  • in permafrost;
  • with an exit point to the sea or from the water surface;
  • with a transition length of up to 4500m.
Type of drilling rig, manufacturer Max. pipe diameter Max. drilling length Pulling Force / Pushing Force
PD-500/150 AM Ju Prime Drilling 1400 mm 2500 m 500 t
PD-450/150 Prime Drilling 1400 mm 2300 m 450 t
PD-320/120 Prime Drilling 1400 mm 1800 m 320 t
PD-220/67 Prime Drilling 1400 mm 1500 m 250 t
HK-250/90 Нerrenknecht 1400 mm 1500 m 250 t
DD-440 American Augers 1400 mm 1500 m 250 t
PD-220/67 Prime Drilling 1000 mm 900 m 100 t
DD-160 American Augers 800 mm 900 m 80 t
PD-75/50 Prime Drilling 800 mm 900 m 75 t
PD-50/33 Prime Drilling 600 mm 800 m 50 t
DD-40 American Augers 500 mm 500 m 20 t
Ditch Witch, 8/60 Jet Trac 300 mm 180 m 10 t
Barbco ABM 68/72-1.8 MHD 1720 mm 100 m 830 t
Screw press PBA-320 1420 mm 100 m 320 t
Pusher HK 500 PT Herrenknecht 1220 mm   500 t

Installations for the construction of production and exploration wells

Power up to 225 t, drilling angle 18-90°

Designed for the construction of wells for various purposes:

  • exploration mining, hard-to-recover reserves of heavy oil and bitumen
  • degassing of coal seams and extraction of methane 
  • construction of drainage systems for the protection of objects and built-up areas
  • device for access to the sea of a technological product pipeline for oil loading terminals
  • overhaul of operational oil and gas wells
Type of drilling rig, manufacturer Max. forward/reverse thrust force  Drill Mast Angle
Rack PD/MDD 250/90 Prime Drilling 2500 kH 0-55°
Rack PD/MDD 220/67 Prime Drilling 2500 kH 0-45°
Rack HK 250/90 Herrenknecht 2500 kH 0-55°
Rack DD-440 American Augers 2000 kH 0-50°
Rack PD/MDD 200/70 Prime Drilling 2000 kH 0-90°
Rack PV 150/70 MDD Prime Vertical 1500 kH 0-90°
Rack RS – 90 Almazgeobur 59/112 kH 40-90°
Type of drilling rig, manufacturer Max. hook load (capacity) Rated drilling depth
Tackle TD 125 CA-A6 125 tf 2500 m
Tackle ZJ-30 180 tf 3000 m
Tackle ZJ-40 225 tf 4000 m
  • 4 hectares
    three production bases (KhMAO, YNAO, Ulyanovsk)
  • 8
  • 5
    mobile service teams

Road construction equipment

It is used in the construction of sites and access roads at oil and gas fields:

  • land clearing
  • quarrying
  • pavement device
  • backfilling of sites for drilling operations
  • trenching for pipelines
  • development of barns for drill cuttings
Type, manufacturer
Doosan 225 excavators
Komatsu PC300 excavators
Bomag rollers
Graders D3
Bulldozers Komatsu
Bulldozers Chetra
Feller buncher
Volvo dump trucks
MAN dump trucks

Special equipment and trucks

It is used in the process of mobilization and demobilization of the complex, construction and installation works, life support of the construction camp

Type, manufacturer
Komatsu pipelayers
Pipelayers Chetra
Truck cranes KAMAZ
Truck cranes Ural
Automobile tankers Kamaz
Cementing units Kamaz
Mobile compressor station
Kamaz vehicles with crane-manipulator
Rotational cars
Sided vehicles
Stalk trucks
Water carriers
Mobile housing units