Pulling of the oil pipeline "Suzun-Vankor" through the river Bolshaya Khetta was completed.

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    Coprorate newsletter of the "Vankorneft" JSC №2, February 2016.

    Pipeline made by the directional drilling method was laid under the bed of the river Bolshaya Khetta on the route of the built oil pipeline Suzun-Vankor.

    Its length is 836 meters. The diameter of the service line is 500 mm, diameter of a casing is 1020 mm. The bottom pipe is laid in the Ø1400 mm borehole. It is built at the item 29 km of an oil pipeline (project length is 92 km) which provides to transport oil from the Suzunsky field to the main oil pipeline Vankor – Purpe. The contracting organization “SP VIS-MOS” LLC that has specialized drill rig, six pipelaying cranes was involved in this work. The subcontracting organization "SMU Neftekhim" AO has provided preparatory works.

     At present relocation of theequipment is held, pilot hole drilling of the reserve bottom pipe of the pipeline Suzun-Vankor is started at the crossing of the river Bolshaya Khetta.

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