Drilling of the first expendable well at the kimberlite pipe named Yubileynaya (settlement Aikhal, Yakutia) was successfully completed.

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    On July 12, 2017 the team of the drilling facility PV-150/70 headed by drilling master Maxim Gudeev, as well as highly qualified team of integrated drilling service have successfully completed drilling of the first well hole of an expendable well. Drillers of the “SP VIS-MOS” LLC have made first steps on the long way in realization of deep horizons exploration project of the kimberlite pipe "Yubileynaya" – drilling of the well bore №3.2 of the multi-well bore № 438 at the bottomhole 1361.5m deep was completed, ahead of schedule according to contractual obligations.

    As a result of the performed works in addition to obtaining of the valuable core material extracted in full, we also got geophysical studies of the lithological section of the well, determination of boundaries of exocontact of ore body by means of magnetic susceptibility logging data interpretation and gamma ray logging that let to extract important key points of depth bridging of minerals stratum depth. Obtained gyroscopic inclinometry data also helped to study behavior of the BHA in the exposed section, to evaluate the influence of the unoriented assemblies of downhole equipment on the trajectory of well bore and to make corrections to the design profiles of subsequent well bores.

    Drilling of the well bore No.32 of the well № 438 was completed by means of permanent plugs liquidation in 2 stages, using special backfill cement mixtures, which provide to ensure "formation isolation" (note: absence of connection between layers), to prevent watering of future mine workings and contamination of watery layers. Also cement plugs of normal density serve as preparation to drilling of another well bore according to corrected geological targets.

    The data collected during test drilling provide to analyze operations and engineering surveys, develop measures to optimize drilling operations, and make appropriate decisions during organization and implementation of the Company's projects. During realization of the project in study of deep horizons of the kimberlite pipe Yubileynaya we have to solve a lot of geological, technological and production tasks: nevertheless, completion of the first well bore is a significant event for both drilling contractor “SP VIS-MOS” LLC and the Customer – JSC “ALROSA”.

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