South corridor

South corridor

ObstacleDiameter, mmLength, mCustomer
River Beysug14201002ZAO «Stroytransgaz»
River Zhuravka1420706ZAO «Stroytransgaz»

The “SP VIS-MOS” company has executed a set of works in construction of underwater crossings through the river Zhuravka and Beysug on the terms of subcontract for the project "Expansion of ESG for provision of gas supply to the gas pipeline “South Stream”. Second stage (western passage) for gas supply provision to the extent of 63 billion cubic meters per year". South-European gas pipeline. Section Pochinki – Anapa, km 1379 - km 1570,5.

Crossings through the rivers Zhuravka and Beysug in the territory of Korenovsky and Bryukhovetsky regions of the Krasnodar Territory have included: arrangement of construction sites, installation of drill rigs, bottom pipe welding, hydraulic testing and insulation of a bottom pipe, installation of a bottom pipe into predrilled boreholes, cleaning and calibration test of pipeline cavity as well as cathodic polarization with consequent dismantling of equipment and land remediation.

The trajectory of borehole drilling under the river Zhuravka has made up 706 m, under the river Beysug – 1002 m. The bottom pipes of a pipeline 1420x25,8 mm in a polypropylene insulation 5 mm thick were pulled into a 1800 mm borehole using drill rigs PD-450/150 AM (river Zhuravka) and PD-500/150 (river Beysug). Pulling force by the pulling through process did not exceed 120 tons (at the rated force of 280 tons) and on the river Beysug - 350 tons (according to rated forces).

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