The Suzunskoe field

The Suzunskoe field

Сonstruction of the crossing through the river Bolshaya Khetta under the terms and conditions of the general contract was carried out behind the polar circle in the area of ever-frozen ground in an underdeveloped area that is characterized by absence of regular transportation lines and stable communication. The next settlements are the cities Dudinka and Igarka located in two hundred and forty kilometers northeastwards and in one hundred and thirty kilometers eastwards from the work area respectively.

Trajectory of drilling has passed through solidly frozen fine and middle-sized sands with low content of ice, as well as in light solidly frozen layer mesh cryostructure loamy soil.

Level difference of entrance and exit points of the HDD boreholes on the right and left bank of the river has made up 43 meters.

Inside the casing Ø1020 mm laid in the drilled borehole Ø1020 mm was pulled service pipeline Ø 530×14 mm in a factory polymeric insulation, with thermal insulation coating made of PU shells 100 mm thick in metal-polymeric jacket. Length of the main line of the crossing has made up 839 linear meters, and reserve line - 829 linear meters in plan view.

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