Drilling fluid

At all stages of drilling process a drilling fluid is used, which stabilizes the hole, sludges it, cools down the drilling tool and reduces friction losses.

The basic components of drilling fluid are water and bentonite, a natural clay mineral. In contact with water bentonite swells and becomes gel like that allows it to perform its technological functions.

Bentonite is an ecological material. It is widely used in agriculture, wine-making, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

In the drilling process LLC "SP VIS-MOS" uses bentonite of the best world brands that allows obtaining maximal technical and economic results doing no harm to nature.

Specialists of the company possess unique knowledge and experience in the sphere of technological modeling of mud systems and have extensive experience in selection of drilling fluids for the soils of different complexity level including hard rocks and areas of extensive fracturing. The bank of prescriptions of different types of drilling fluid - it's characteristics and composition - for different geological conditions was collected during the existence of the company on this market that allows to choose or adapt quickly the mud system to the geology of different complexity level.