Social policy

From the date of foundation of the LLC “SP VIS-MOS” social policy is one of the priority directions of its work. Successful implementation of the policy is directly connected with economic stability of the enterprise and efficiency of personnel management. Long-term constancy of the personnel testifies satisfaction of the enterprise personnel with realization of corporate social policy as a whole.

Standards of social policy of the company include:

  • constant medical care in its own department at the enterprise;
  • annual planned medical examination for the domain specialists;
  • payment of medical services;
  • pensions from the enterprise;
  • payments during a maternity leave;
  • payment of trip tickets to the children's campus;
  • financial support for significant family events;
  • providing safe working conditions;
  • workplaces tooling according to the most modern technical standards;
  • providing worthy level of salary.

Except for observance of existing standards of social policy personnel management of the LLC “SP VIS-MOS” provides possibilities of career development as well as possibility for retraining and reeducation of employees at the expense of the enterprise.

Corporate culture of the enterprise is characterized by an open climate of communication, good system of in-house business informing. Mission of the company is close and clear to each employee. Loyalty of each worker is created at the expense of powerful social policy that allows the company to carry out its primary activity successfully.

Social reputation of the company in the region is very high, so that the LLC “SP VIS-MOS” takes active part in realization of regional voluntary and sponsored programs and acts as the largest investor investing in development of infrastructure of the region.

The “Alexandrovsky park”, created completely on the funds of the company, is a favorite place of resort for the citizens that can in any season have a walk or find active types of entertainment in the territory of this modern comfort zone.

In the territory of “Alexandrovsky park” there is a hotel complex, restaurants and cafes, children's village, artificial lake having mirror surface of 15 000 m². The aquapark is under construction in the territory of 8 500 m².

The LLC “SP VIS-MOS” being socially responsible company assists agricultural producers. The LLC "Vesna” - agricultural enterprise located in the Mainsky district of the Ulyanovsk region gets necessary support from the LLC "SP VIS-MOS" more than for 15 years that allows the enterprise to bear difficulties of market conditions and increase economic efficiency of farming industry.

The administration of the company intends to maintain optimal balance in distribution of means for solution of production, economic and social tasks within the enterprise and for development of infrastructure of the region in future.