Personnel structure

The management of the company consequently introduces the policy of improvement of the personnel structure.

The personnel of the “SP VIS-MOS” LCC is highly educated:

  • 100% of managers have a higher education;
  • Specialists having higher education – 91 %;
  • Specialists having dual education – 9 %;
  • Workers with higher education – 24 %;
  • Workers with dual education – 53 %;

A middle age of the workers is 38,9 years.

The professionally qualified structure of workers includes:

  • managers – 9 %;
  • specialists – 19 %;
  • workers occupied in the main production – 67 %.

Training of the personnel at the place of work by means of coaching (guidance) is the main component of the corporative system of personnel development. Owing to the specificity of primary activity of the company this method of training is the most effective for fast worker mastering of his professional scope of functions.

Each employee of the LLC “SP VIS-MOS” has a possibility to raise his qualification or to get retraining if necessary.

The incentive scheme with good balance of material and organizational incentives for each category of the personnel promotes to the lowest brain drain of the personnel within the whole period of work of the enterprise.