History of the Company

The history of the enterprise began long before its creation. In 1992, Alexander Aleksandrovich Mayer (senior) the future founder of the "SP VIS-MOS" LLC who has worked for 15 years in the gas industry in the regions of the Far North has entered the Academy of management in Zelle (city in Germany). During the study he saw the HDD drilling rig at work and he got interested with this technology, and understanding its importance and availability for Russia, he made everything possible to begin application of this method in our country that was previously used only by Americans and Germans.

In 1994, in Ulyanovsk was founded the joint Russian-German enterprise LLC SP “VIS-MOS”, named in the honor of German city Vismoor and Russian city Moscow. The company was created as a specialized enterprise for construction of pipeline crossings by the horizontal directional drilling method.

Construction was started from small crossings with one drill rig and one crew of workers, and gradually gaining the experience and increasing the speed, using all funds for the production development. All this has allowed already in 1997 to build the first greatest crossing. The length of pipeline built under the Volga-Don navigable channel made up 900 m by the pipe diameter of 1420 mm. The weight of the pipeline lash was almost 550t and the borehole was laid in 19 meters under the channel bottom.

Successful execution of this crossing became an original starting point for the company. The project has shown that available equipment and personnel already allow safely to execute bigger projects and this has forced the company to create the strategy of perspective development of the LLC “SP VIS-MOS”, relying on participation in large international and Russian projects, but at the same time not to refuse overcoming of small hindrances.

New marketing strategy of the company, change of economic conditions in Russia, rapid technical growth of the enterprise have demanded to save the rates of its development, legal independence, and in 2005 the enterprise was transformed to the LLC “SP VIS-MOS”.

Fast technical development of the LLC “SP VIS-MOS” was promoted by constantly increasing requirements of an oil and gas industry which needed for large-scale development of pipelines network as well as dismantling of pipelines which operation time came to an end.

Initially the HDD technology in the first years of its existence had serious restrictions on soils, lengths, level differences and despite a number of advantages, such as profitability, speed and ecological compatibility it couldn’t be maximally used for construction of gas pipelines and oil pipelines, water conduits, for the execution of pipe-jacking under automobile roads.

For the years of hard work the LLC “SP VIS-MOS” has managed to study the HDD method so that all these restrictions were minimized. All this also allows the company to achieve success in construction of the most difficult objects which were almost impossible to execute at the rise of the HDD technology application.