The ecological component is one of the main advantages of trenchless technologies. The horizontal directional drilling or directional drilling most brightly illustrates its nature protection component, especially regarding to crossings construction through water obstacles.


From the ecological point of view and nature protection of rivers and lakes, their coastal part is the most valuable object of environment therefore execution of trenchless works in this zone is disastrous for natural balance.

Crossings construction by the open method can not just seriously break ecological balance, but also in difficult geomorthic conditions (steep river banks, big level difference, etc.) can provoke the undesirable geological phenomena — landslides, bank soils collapses and formation of ravines. This as a rule leads to exposure or fracturing of laid pipeline with corresponding ecological and economical consequences.

By the HDD method application pipe pulling in the soil under the water obstacle bottom is made beneath the level of predicted deformations, and drilling is carried out at the safe distance from river banks, it minimizes harmful effect of crossing construction on coastal and channel biocenoses.

The HDD method excludes necessity of explosive works and dense soils loosening for subsequent digging of underwater trench, also there is no need for dredging, underwater and technical, diving and bank protection works.

Only isolation control is executed after pipeline commissioning so that the occurrence depth guarantees absence of outside affects on pipelines and derives them from their avulsion zone.

It is especially important by the crossings construction through the rivers with high flow velocity, with big bottom deformation, by the crossing of water obstacles with intensive navigation and spawning streams and artificial constructions on the coast (embankments, roads, enterprises, etc.).

The forecast of channel way and coast deformation in the course of horizontal directional drilling is made up for the three-time accounting period of operation of the crossing (100 years).

Thus the construction by the HDD method is ecologically safe from the nature protection point of view, sparing – from the geomorphic positions and highly reliable from operational positions.

For Russia, as a country with huge amount of water obstacles, artificial constructions (dams, channels), developed network of railway and automobile roads, huge number of nature protection territories – it is hard to overestimate the importance of the HDD method application.

Entrance of Russia in the world power system forces to apply the horizontal directional drilling method more widely in the territory of our country so that the technology is perspective not only for its needs, but it also guarantees participation of Russia in transcontinental power projects.

The "SP VIS-MOS" company has accepted the integrated management system based on requirements of the following standards - ISO 9001:2008 standard in the field of quality, ISO 14001:2004 standard in the field of ecology, OHSAS 18001:2007 standard in the field of occupational health and safety.

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