The Company today

The Company's mission is to satisfy the need of Customers effectively on the highest technological, innovational and organizational level in delivery of energy resources to the end consumer by means of pipeline crossings construction under natural and artificial obstacles by the HDD method.

At the moment the “SP VIS-MOS” LLC specializes in construction of large-scale crossings. They make up 60% in total scope of works and continue to grow. Highly equipped technical base, work experience, training level of engineering personnel of the company and working stuff at the moment allow the company to execute large-scale crossings in length and diameter, To execute drilling in the soils having highest hardness, perform non-standard projects:

  • execute drilling works in ever-frozen grounds;
  • execute drilling works with an exit point in the sea;
  • execute drilling of jointing oncoming holes (by the big length of the crossing);
  • execute drilling from a water surface with created entrance and exit points by engineers;
  • execute drilling at a big level difference, comparable with canyon overcoming.
Drilling of butt counter wells
Drilling with an exit point in the sea
Drilling from a surface of the water

The enterprise has taken direct part in realization of the following projects:

  • “Blue Stream” – gas pipeline from Russia to Turkey;
  • “Nord Stream” – gas pipeline from Russia to Germany;
  • “Sakhalin – Khabarovsk - Vladivostok” - gas supply of Vladivostok and lead-in of generating capacities in the Primorsky Krai, on the island Russky to the APEC summit;
  • “Main gas pipeline Ukhta – Torzhok”;
  • “Baltic pipeline system” – oil pipeline Druzhba – ports on the Baltic sea;
  • "Dzhubga – Lazarevskoe - Sochi” – program of gasification of Olympic objects;
  • “Arrangement of Vankorskaya group of deposits”.

Many of the constructed crossings are globally unparalleled:

  • with pipe diameter of 1420 mm, up to 1100 meters long;
  • with pipe diameter of 1020 mm, up to 1720 meters long;
  • with pipe diameter of 325 mm, up to 2200 meters long;
  • with pipe diameter of 426 mm, up to 2900 meters long;

The company plans to enlarge technical equipment, provide constant professional growth of the personnel, apply innovative approaches within the HDD technology that provides to the LLC “SP VIS-MOS” successful work in the HDD market, and will give to the Customers a reliable guarantee of performance of all their engineering requirements.