Message from the General Director

Ruslan Yarosh

Dear colleagues!

As well as our Customers, we work in the conditions of limited timing budgets and high technological, ecological and organizational demands which tend to increase in the course of time. Therefore, with the view of mutual minimizing expenses, improving production quality and increasing management efficiency, “SP VIS-MOS” LLC assumes the responsibility for the maximum number of construction stages and performs all the design work clean-up activities and construction-and assembly operations on turnkey terms, coordinating them with the HDD complex at the site.

Within the horizontal directional drilling method “SP VIS-MOS" is following the innovative way of development, turning funds to the development and improvement of technical and technological components of the method, thus ensuring constant quality increase in the efficiency of the drilling process.

The broad scope of activities, high level of commitment, investments in the further development of drilling technologies allow “SP VIS-MOS” LLC to remain an economically stable and highly competitive enterprise.

We perform our work quickly, safely and reliably trying to do our best not to simply meet our customer’s requirements at present, but also to predict their preferences in future.

General Director of the «SP VIS-MOS» LLC
Ph. D. in Economics
Ruslan Yarosh