Drilling, development and well workover

The "SP VIS-MOS" LLC provides services in construction of directional, vertical, horizontal and multilateral wells, including for extraction of natural resources and hard-to-recover reserves.

The “SP VIS-MOS” company implements comprehensive approach to project management for drilling of different types of wells on a turnkey basis:
- project planning,
- engineering,
- поставка оборудования и комплектующих, 
- supply of equipment and components,
- construction and drilling,
- projects control and management.

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The “SP VIS-MOS” company uses while drilling one of the modified drill rigs produced by the company Prime Vertical, namely rack & pinion track-mounted multifunctional drill rig (MDD rig) with a power upper drive that provides to move independently within multiple well platform.
The MDD rigs owned by the “SP VIS-MOS” company provide to do predrilling within the range of 0° to 90°, thereby covering a wide range of projects in the field of wells drilling of different purpose.

Completed projects

карта Коми.JPG
Construction of production wells at the Yaregskoye field (Komi Republic, the customer is "LUKOIL Komi" LLC)..

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This was a pilot project for the “SP VIS-MOS" LLC. In 2014 we have built 10 wells using updated multifunctional directional drill rigs (MNBU).

карта татарстана.jpg
Construction of operation horizontal wells at the Ashalchinskoe field of extra-viscous oil (in the Republic of Tatarstan, the customer is PAO "Tatneft" named after V.D. Shashin).

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In 2014 the “SP VIS-MOS” LLC has started to work on the fields of extra-viscous oil of the “Tatneft” company in the Tatarstan Republic having built first 19 production parallel directional wells. In 2015 the rig fleet of MDD machines has been significantly and there were 8 MDD machines working on the fields simultaneously. It is planned to continue drilling of these boreholes in 2016.

Возможности технологии с использованием многофункциональных наклонных буровых установок.
Extraction of hard-to-recover oils and bitumen by SAGD technology
Preliminary degassing of coal beds and methane extraction from the mined-out area
Methane extraction from coal beds industrially
Construction of wells with an exit to sea
Construction of drainage systems

Construction of sea exit for a technical product pipeline for crude oil loading terminals
Exploration and extraction of raw hydrocarbons          
Capital repairs of producing oil-and-gas horizontal directional wells

You can learn more about directional drilling performed by the “SP VIS-MOS” company from the company catalog.
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Download the catalog at the following link http://vis-mos.ru/ru/press/catalog/.

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