Project activities of the «SP VIS-MOS» LLC are focused on production of high-quality documentation that matches with state and industry standards and regulations and relies on long-term experience in construction of pipeline transport facilities for various applications.

Main customers are the largest Russian companies in the oil and gas sector: “Transneft” PJSC, “NK Rosneft” PJSC, “Gazprom pererabotka” LLC, and others.

Engineering department of the “SP VIS-MOS” LLC fulfils full range of design and survey works:

  • integrated engineering surveys;
  • design and working documentation for construction, reconstruction and capital repairs;
  • documentation expertise;
  • implementation of architectural supervision of construction.

The "SP VIS-MOS" company has all the necessary certificates and licenses for design and survey works and can act both as a designer and general designer for engineering of the linear part of pipeline transport, as well as for engineering of trenchless crossings under natural and artificial obstacles by press auger boring method or HDD method on a turnkey basis.

Engineering department of the “SP VIS-MOS” LLC has already completed more than 20 projects, including crossings in the Arctic region by the HDD method through the rivers Bolshaya Khetta and Malaya Khetta, river Taz, river Pur, Lodochnaya river, Russkaya river, Ussa river and others.

Compliance with all norms and standards, effective use of materials, minimization of construction costs, strict observance of dates based on the professionalism of employees and principled position of the company's management.

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