Horizontal directional drilling

The technology of the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) allows VIS-MOS to build oil/gas pipelines, water lines and telecommunication systems through the natural and artificial obstacles such as rivers, lakes, roads, railway lines and dams – simply crossing under them.

There are three stages in the process of pipeline construction:

  • 1 - Pilot hole drilling;
  • 2 - a consecutive widening of borehole;
  • 3 - pulling through of a pipeline.

The horizontal directional drilling (HDD) method is an alternative to the traditional trench method and it represents the technology in which serious resource-saving reserve is included. Its application is economically beneficial and these benefits are short-term and long-term that can be obviously proven by the comparative analysis of two methods of pipeline construction.

Comparison table:

Trench method Horizontal directional drilling method
Work content Finance Terms
Large volume of excavation
Involving heavy machines and special water transport
Great number of labor force
A single drilling complex
A single team of workers
Considerable financial expensesFinancial expenses reduction up to 30%
Long construction periodReduction of construction period from 2 to 20 times
Additional expenses
Costs for accidents elimination and their consequencesThe risk of accident emergence is brought to naught
Operating costs for control and repairs The guarantee of long-term preservation of pipelines
Lack of operating costs
Construction of a reserve run of pipelineA chance to reject a reserve run of pipeline
Environment and Man
The Nature suffers from non-recoverable damageEcology and landscape remain virginal
- Navigation dependence
Traffic conditions interruption
Navigation, road and railway traffic is not interrupted
Paving is damaged
Tempo of life is disturbed
Paving is not damaged
People are not disturbed
Long-term preparation and confirmation of conciliatory documents with the environmental organizationsMinimum coordination with environmental organizations

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